Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photography: NAN GOLDIN


Nan Goldin was born in 1953, and started Photography 15 years later when she got her first camera. When she was 19, she met the photographer David Armstrong at the School of Fine Arts in Boston. Armstrong became a drag queen, and she began to Photograph him.

Goldin started photographing in Black & White but soon her pictures where much more saturated and with the use of artificial lights.

For 15 years she developed her masterpiece "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency". Her pictures often suggested a lot of violence, drugs, sex and parties.

Goldin lost her sister Barbara for suicide when she was 14, and since then her personal life has been reflected on her photographs.

Once, she published a picture of herself after being beaten by her boyfriend, which caused a lot of rumors. (The Picture above).

She also has many problems with drugs and alcohol, and lost many friends for AIDS. 

Goldin currently resides in NYC and I hope to one day meet her.

"My work originally came from the snapshot aesthetic . . . Snapshots are taken out of love and to remember people, places, and shared times. They're about creating a history by recording a history." - Nan Goldin

"I believe one should create from what one knows and speak about one's tribe . . .You can only speak with true understanding and empathy about what you've experienced." 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

About Santa Claus... The Legend

Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas/Sinterklaas/Father Christmas/Kris Kringle) is a legendary figure who brings presents to children if they are good. 

The red coat with white collar and cuffs with red trousers became popular in the United States & Canada because of a significant caricaturist and political caroonist Thomas Nast. Because of films, television, songs and etc this image has been maintained. 

Santa Claus lived in the far North Pole while Father Christmas lives in Finland. He is married with Ms. Claus and with the help of the reindeer he travels around the world distributing presents and joy.


Nicholas (from Bulgaria) was the first inspiration for Santa Claus. He was famous for distributing gifts to the poor. 

Many countries have their own folklore regarding Santa, and in some religions (as Protestant) he is believed to be pagan.


I've heard people say before that Santa is physically like that because of the Coca-Cola commercials. But in my research I found nothing like it.

Merry Xmas to All!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

COLOR by Victoria Finlay

I am reading this book "Color" by the Journalist Victoria Finlay.

Victoria travels the world trying to find an answer in where the paints, dyes and varnishes comes from. Starting from Ochre found in Australia, to Central America, Scotland, Egypt, Spain, India and so on. She surprises the reader in the chemical processes in which insects, mummies, porcelain and other sources where paint comes from.

My favorite Color until now (in terms of Interesting) is the color YELLOW. Coming from bulls who would eat Mango Leaves to Saffron, which Cleopatra and other people believes to be afrodisiac.

Where does the word/slang "DYKE" come from?

The slang Dyke is usually referred to "Lesbian".. But where did it come from? Records state that the first time this word was used was in 1942 in Berrey and Van den Bark's American Thesaurus of Slang.

But, the term bulldyker had already been used in a novel in the 1920's called Harlem Renaissance.

A man who was normally successful with women were named "bulldykers", bull with the significance of masculine, or agressive.

Only in this century was this term accepted.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

"A Serious Man" By Ethan and Joel Coen.

I would rate it *** (3 stars).

It starts with a weird scene that has nothing to do with the movie. Apparently, the Coen Brother's new perfectly that it was "weird", but decided to put it as an introduction to the movie.

The story about a Jewish man named Larry. He is in the process of divorcing his wife, who is having a love affair. His children are always whining and complaining, and his brother who doesn't have a place to live comes to share the couch. He goes to various trips to the Rabbi's to seek help, but can't ever get it. The movie ends out of nowhere (which usually I like), but this time, it had just not finished the overall message.

Of course there were many funny scenes, especially when Larry's son is extremely high at his Bar-Mitvah.

Well, that is what i though. And u?

Broken Embraces (***)

I was so sad after leaving "Broken Embraces" by Almodovar the other day... He is my favorite director and I felt like he didn't really have a story.. He talked about a film director that becomes blind, (although, u think he is faking in the beginning because of how the story is cut)... He talked about a relationship of a gay son with his homophobic father.. But all you see is the son helping out the father...

It felt like he had nothing to say and just put some stories together.

Now, the acting as usual, was great.. Set design was amazing!!!

and.. Even though i was iluded by this movie, it is still a classic Almodovar. For sure worthwhile seeing it.. I wanted to know other people's opinions.

What do you think?

Improv Everywhere

Im having great ideas for this.. Maybe I'll make up a crew and we will soon be doing this around NYC/Brooklyn hehehe

Take a look:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Broken Embraces" (Abrazos Rotos)

Directed by Pedro Almodovar.. In all theaters! I'll be there tomorrow to check it out!

143 East Houston Street, New York, NY
10:30 11:00am 1:30 2:00 4:30 5:00 7:30 8:00 10:30pm

1886 Broadway, New York, NY
11:05am 12:05 1:30 2:30 4:10 5:10 7:00 7:45 9:40 10:20pm


Anytime NY

Yesterday, a friend brought me a menu, late night deliveries! And guess what! They sell cigarettes as well!

Another reason to be lazy...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Drifter

A new surf film by Taylor Steele, director of Sipping Jetstreams (*****).

I'm sure it will be great! In association with Hurley.

Kandinsky's Questionnaire

I was looking at the MoMa website and got to this Questionnaire. It's pretty interesting!

I wonder what everyone got.

Urs Fisher: Marguerite de Ponty @ The New Museum

I checked it out and I loved it!
My favorite ones were when he used wax to make sculptures, then melts it (there is a beautiful Piano).
He also uses rotten food, there is one where it's a croissant with a butterfly on it.

Price: $12.00
Location: 235 Bowery St.


Mix Nyc is a Queer Film Festival, with art installations, and much more!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to check it out! I watched "Travel Queeries" directed by Elliat Graney-Saucke.

Price: Varies from exhibition.

Location(s): - UnionDocs: 322 Union St. (L to Lorimer)
- Mix Factory: 125 W 21st St.(Between 6th & 7th Aves.)

Gui Boratto @ Love

Tonight, Gui Boratto, straight from Brazil!

Location: 179 MacDougal St. (@ W 8th St.)
Price: $20.00



This is my 10th attempt to blog! Let's see if it's successful...

This time, my idea is to promote/help/advertise all that's happening in NYC!

any form of Art.

Have a great weekend!