Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where does the word/slang "DYKE" come from?

The slang Dyke is usually referred to "Lesbian".. But where did it come from? Records state that the first time this word was used was in 1942 in Berrey and Van den Bark's American Thesaurus of Slang.

But, the term bulldyker had already been used in a novel in the 1920's called Harlem Renaissance.

A man who was normally successful with women were named "bulldykers", bull with the significance of masculine, or agressive.

Only in this century was this term accepted.


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  2. It makes no more sense to me than the brazilian word: "sapatao". It is a concept of small-minded people who are threatened by non-traditional femininty to attribute masculine labels to women who like women- or who like to wear their hair short, or who don't want to shave, or who want to wear men's clothes, etc. Women are no less feminine or female for refusing to please the male sex.

  3. La, I never said it was less feminine...I believe a woman itself is one of the most beautiful creatures created.. This is it's definition..