Thursday, September 23, 2010

"To Die In Jerusalem"

Directed by: Hilla Medalia

2 Days ago I saw this documentary about 2 girls, one Palestinian, and the other Israeli. One was a suicide bomber, the other one was a student shopping at the local market. Both of them were 17 years old, brunette with dark eyes. Both of them died that day: March 29th, 2002. 

Years later, the mothers confront each other. 

It was very interesting to see the reality of Israel and Palestine. I had no idea how intense the situation was. 

The mother of the Israeli, Abigail, also enters a prison to talk to some Palestinian girls, and try to understand if they feel guilty or not. Abigail just wants PEACE, she doesn't want any other mother to go through what she did.

Worth watching!

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  1. the situation there is much more complicated that we can even imagine... There is not going to be peace until their leaders decide to make the diference.