Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lina Scheynius

I recently discovered this photographer that I'm a big fan of, Lina Scheynius. I discovered her through Flickr and today I finally had time to go through her website and see all of her pictures. She also has a section there, of FAQ, where she answered many of my the questions I had in my mind. For example, she uses an OLYMPUS MJU ii or her Canon SLR, to shoot; she loves the film Ilford Delta B&W; she is from Sweden but lives in between Paris and London; she hates Digital; and the part that I most love --- she photographs who is important in her life. 

Lina also takes a lot of self-portraits, and has diaries in her website, very worth taking a look. 

An inspiration.

Here are some of her pictures that I most loved:

She never went to Photography school, but was always surrounded my photographers, including her father. 

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