Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fading Borders

Dear Friends & Fellow Filmmakers,

I'm currently Producing a Feature Length documentary that needs a lot of help. In conjunction with Nicolas Cuellar (director) Borja Campillo (dp), Julian Diaz Merino (2nd Unit Camera) and Felipe Duarte (Sound & Music Composer), we formed the MERCEDES TOURING LLC. Now,  we need sponsorship, funding, and any help whatsoever possible.

The Doc is about a couple (Mathieu de Genot & Patricio Aguirre), who want to drive their dream car (that took them 3 years to find), a Mercedes Benz 300 SE, back home (In Equador), from NYC.

We decided to borrow their dream, and follow them in this journey. But it won't be possible unless we can have some money to help us in this Journey.

Please send to your friends, co-workers, or anyone whom you think might be interested. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

E-mail: info@fadingborders.com

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