Friday, September 23, 2011

Nelson Leirner, Assim É Se Lhe Parece

After the small research I did on Nelson Leirner, (whom I couldn't even pronounce the name) - I fell in love. I hope to meet him!

I'm going to confess: I had seen some of his art, but I never knew who it belonged to, and I could never put a face to the name. Now I can!
I didn't watch the documentary, but I read a bit about this artist in Vogue Brasil, and on the same day, I went to see his exhibition at Fiesp. My favorites are the monkeys, or even better, the FEMALE monkey with the lipstick. Although, I have to say: its not his ART that I fell in love with, its his CHARACTER, his HUMOR, his irony.

Who am I to talk about art? But I don't care, that's why I'm researching, reading, learning. Back to our subject...
Nelson Leirner was born in Sao Paulo, January 16th (Capricorn), 1932. He lived in the Unites States for years, and said he went to watch a lot of theatre, and never to museums. But his parents made him go for art.

He uses strategic strategies to create questions in people, even if he ends up causing strange feelings. He is considered to be one of the most polemical artists, and wants to popularize the "object of art" and introduce the participation of the audience.

"Art, while still being art, it has no end."

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