Thursday, November 17, 2011

Carne Trémula (Live Flesh) by Almodovar


Yesterday I finally watched "LIVE FLESH".. A film by my favorite director, Pedro Almodovar
Even though this film was made in 1997, he is always capable of surprising me.. He has certain hooks to the film that you can't stop watching, or guessing what will happen. His stories are SO well told and his characters are extremely well-developed.. You understand each and one of them.. 

Starting from a prostitute who has her baby in a bus late at night, to her son after growing up - having to go to jail because of a gunshot after falling in love/going crazy about another prostitute addicted to crack. 

This one, I specifically love one shot.. Where he shows the Point-of-View of the gun. Its unbelievable! There is also a beautiful sex scene! One of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen! 

You SHOULD check it out, its online on netflix!

Official Trailer

Curiosities: The lady who delivers the baby with Penelope Cruz in the bus, on the first scene, is Javier Bardem's mother, Pilar. 


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