Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Sin Nombre" by Cary Fukunaga (2009)

I just watched "Sin Nombre" (a.k.a. "Without Name") and I really enjoyed it. Despite all the troubles and losses the film portrays, it made me really want to travel!

The film begins as an ensemble. On one side, El Casper, a gang member who is initiating a young boy named "El Smiley". His girlfriend, Martha Malem appears in one of the gang meetings and is killed, meanwhile the gang leader takes both Casper and Smiley to a "trip" through a path where immigrants pass to cross the border.

That is when Casper meets Sayra. A young girl who's try to arrive at New Jersey with her uncle and father, whom she hasn't seen in years. So their story begins..

It had been a while since I hadn't watched a real Latin film. The last time it was "City of God" for the 3rd time in January. And I missed it.

It's a story about love and loss, (and immigration on the side). There are tough scenes of beating, rape attempts, and death. But I guess people have to cope with the obstacles in life in order to continue on.

The shots were beautifully composed, beautiful cinematography. Most of the time the characters are traveling on top of trains, with a beautiful landscape behind them. Almost no interior scenes. Culture is present throughout the entire movie, and besides the poverty, it's colorful and very gripping.

SIN NOMBRE was a winner at Sundance, Edimburg, amongst others. I've been wanting to see it since it came out, so now I feel this task was accomplished :)

That's all for now!

Mexico sometime in 2010!

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