Saturday, July 10, 2010


Directed by Giorgos Lanthimos


Dogtooth. Wow! What can I say? I arrived 5 min late to the theater at 13th St (between University Pl & 5th Av).. I noticed something in the first second.. The framing. The director cuts the head of his characters in many frames, and we notice he really likes the legs. Which was def a good way to tell this crazy story.

3 young adults live in a house in Greece with their parents, but are completely isolated from the world. They never left the house, and grew up with unusual rules in there. The father always invites CRISTINA over to satisfy his son. Until, Cristina gives one of his daughters movies from the outside world in exchange for oral sex.

According to the parents, they are only ready for the "outside world" when their DOGTOOTH falls. They learn to bark when a Cat invades the house... They play games all day in exchange of stickers. Because in the end, whoever has more stickers get to choose the entertainment of the night.

In my opinion, it's an incredible and modern film. It's much more then what we see. For me it's about society, and how in the end, we humans are like dogs. It's about family love, and about justice.

The shots are beautiful, and the characters are simply unforgettable!

P.S. Yes, the father is fucked up in the head. But he does love his children and will do anything to take them far away from our cruel world. Unfair? Yes. But he has his reasons.

P.S.2. Someone did leave the theater in a "disturbing" scene. But remember: if you put yourself into the character's life, you will know that they didn't know what was ETHICAL. Go watch :)


  1. Wow, I sooooo wanna see it now! Awesome! I love your blog!

  2. Awesome. I can't wait to see it!!!

  3. I'm still thinking that this is not a good movie and I have some reasons to support my idea.
    the first reason is because this is a very alternative and underground movie and this is why all the people want to see it... just because of this fact.
    the second reason why I think that this is not a good movie is because I felt out of the movie all the time... at the beginning I was thinking... This is a joke... but after 5 minutes I realized it wasn't. I think that the script is very poor and well-worn...
    On the other hand if you like experimental movies, with complicated ways of expressing ideas and weir ways of telling stories this is definitely your movie. However if you like to understand what is going on and if you like to see that the ideas that the director is trying to express are there, (besides you need to study the movie to understand anything) this is not your movie.
    As a conclusion I would like to say that the decision of cannes of give an award to this movie is wrong as the decision of the oscars to give the award to rocky instead of give the award to taxy driver.