Sunday, July 25, 2010


I heart about this website couple of months ago... But didn't really believe it... Today I went through it, and I'm SO happy! THEY ARE BACK!

Andre Bosman (ex-employee of Polaroid) & Florian Kaps (International Lomography Association) decided to bring the polaroid back to life.

With some of their private investor's money, they bought the rests of the polaroid machines in Holland.

We can now make use of it and PHOTOGRAPH!... Because there is no better film, for me, then our old and dearest --- POLAROIDS.

Website: The IMPOSSIBLE Project

I also opened a group on facebook: The IMPOSSIBLE Project - Facebook Group

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  1. Comentei! =)
    Mas confesso que não entendi direito o que esse cara pretende fazer com esse projeto... Ele comprou as cameras restantes e disponibiliza elas? Não tem uma história que não se fabrica mais filme?