Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fish Tank, directed by Andrea Arnold


Fish Tank is the story of a girl, Mia (Kate Jarvis), who is excluded from her family's and friend's life. She was kicked out from school, fought with her friends, and has constant fights with her [very young and alcoholic] mother daily. Mia lives in housing projects in Essex and her only true passion is dance. Until, her Mom brings home a new boyfriend, and Mia suddenly encounters her new obsession.

This film is absolutely beautiful. It has many P.O.V. (point-of-view) shots, lots of hand-held, in which you feel as if you are beside the character. The entire film is told through Mia's perspective. There is a beautiful shot where Connor, (Michael Fassbender, Mom's boyfriend), puts her to bed, and she pretends to be sleeping while he unties and removes her shoes, the shot is of what she's seeing, underneath her arm.

Besides the beautiful shots, and the intriguing story, this film also brought to me a lot of senses? I hope I'm explaining myself. There is a shot when Connor gets close to Mia so she can smell his new perfume, when she inhales, you can feel what she is feeling. If you know what I mean... Connor is the only one who understands and supports Mia.

The story is intense... Sad... Beautiful... Funny. And even though sometimes she is cruel, you love her, you defend her. Her character has a beautiful heart, even though those around her don't see it. She falls in love with a horse, whom she petted twice. But cries with the horse's death. She falls in love. She goes for what she wants.

It's slow in its way.. The pace is perfect. You get into the story and feel it.

You relate to the character, some how!

Her acting is PHENOMENAL! --- I heard she was discovered while fighting with her boyfriend at the train's platform!

The actress who plays her sister, Tyler (Rebecca Griffiths), is also unbelievably good!

This is the kind of film I wish I had done myself. There is so much more to it that I can't even write about it. It is UNIQUE, PROFOUND. There is NO film like it. You cry with Mia!


* It won the 2009 jury prize at Sundance.

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