Monday, April 18, 2011

"Helena From The Wedding" directed by Joseph Infantolino


A film about 3 couples and 2 single friends, who travel to their cabin in the woods for New Year's. Everything is going on fine, until Helena, a young friend of theirs, whom is a model, arrives. The owner's of the house, a newly wed couple, begin to have problems after she is present, the wife notices her husband's attraction towards the young girl.

The film passes by fast, I do not know how. Nothing very special happens.. The characters are extremely boring.. There are a couple of funny sequences, but nothing very dramatic or intense. It's not a bad film, but definitely no my style. I wouldn't recommend it or watch it again. 

What I would have done differently? It is easy to say... But probably I would've casted younger actors. It would be easier to relate to them.

I would love to hear another opinion on this.



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