Thursday, January 07, 2010

"21 Grams" by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu (2003)

Yesterday night I watched this film for the 3rd time... (Not counting once when I was so tired I fell asleep)... It is amazing.. I would love to read the script because the editing is phenomenal.

I love the way they tell the story, by mixing the order of events.

Of course, it is not a "positive" movie, but its does talk about HOPE, LIFE, DESTINY, how the world goes around and how one simple event can change our lives forever. I am yet to see the behind the scenes.. And I'll come back to discuss it.

The ending is the best part for me.. I don't think films should end happily, after all, that's not real life.. And a film is an imitation of it. 



  1. I should watch this one again, I think I saw it in theaters maybe? regardless a long time ago. But I remember liking it a lot, but maybe I'm just a sucker for that intertwining story film style.

  2. I only saw this movie once but I loved it. Brilliant acting and a wonderful script.

  3. One of my favourite movie.. perfect script, and brilliant acting !