Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Paper-Heart" by Nicholas Jasenovec

This "documentary" begins with Charlene Yi, a comedian/actress who interviews people on the street, asking them about love. Why? She claims she doesn't believe in it!

The story then travels through the U.S. interviewing people who have some curious stories to tell, in which Charlene does a simple "puppetry" with the story.

At a party, she meets Michael Cera (the actor in "Juno") and he tells the director he is interested in her.

The story changes a little its focus and now follows Charlene's and Michael's love story, which in the end is broken.

My ratings: (***).

I can say that a few parts were very funny (like the first interviews)... But I simply do not believe in Charlene. And I think the whole "Michael Cera" thing was set-up.

The documentary does have a flow... It's smooth to watch... But i felt at times it was a little "too much" or "forced".



  1. doesn't sound very interesting.

    mas que bom que vc ta blogando de novo hehehe. saudades!!!!