Monday, January 11, 2010

"Barry Lyndon" by Stanley Kubrick

(1975) (** my rate)

Story about a man who is denied love, so he goes on a trip and fights in the army. He only wants to go back when he is better known in society, and because of that, marries Miss Lyndon, one of the richest women there. With her he has a son, and that's when all he conquered, starts getting lost...

The film is visually intriguing, I can't deny. But it's sooo long, when you think it's going to end, it has an entire new story to be told. The main character, Redmond Barry, just didn't connect to me. Plus, I'm not a very big fan of epics, so it was just many beautiful pictures combined, with a good soundtrack.

Apparently the entire film was only lit with candles and the sunlight. This is the magic of this movie. I rated it ** because it's def not my kind of film but the images are to be applauded. It won 4 academy awards, and one of them was for costume. It was simply amazing!

I really liked the character of the oldest son of his wife (when grown up). Character played by Leon Vitali. If the film's main character was him, It might have been a better movie. ;)

Has anyone seen this? What are your thoughts?


  1. I haven't seen it- but i want to now just so i can have an opinion about it. haha.

  2. I haven't seen this one, but I am mostly a kubrick fan. he can be pretty overrated at times though.

  3. Seriously cool and inspiring blog! Are you working on any current projects at the moment? would love to read about them too. Regards from a very cold and boring Oslo...

  4. voltou pra ny e abandonou o blog eh? volteeeee abuuuuu!

  5. titio stanley kubrick dando outra aula de cinema c uma fotografia do c*********