Friday, January 08, 2010

Antoinette Fleur

Some months ago, I was researching artists online, and somehow, I came to Antoinette Fleur. I don't know much about her.. She is French, and an amazing artist with a unique style. I decided to write her a message, just to let her know how I was in love with her work. She then asked me if she could draw something based on a picture she liked of me... How could I ever say "No"? 

Here is some of my favorite work of hers, which was very hard to choose, because I love them all.

Don't forget to visit her website and check out her colorful and glamourous drawings!!!

The last one is one she made of my picture! And I have no words.. but.. Merci Antoinette! Merci pour tout! I wish you all the luck, and a lot of success because you deserve it!



  1. they're all good but that last one is exceptional! just...exceptional!

  2. I love it Ma!!! How beautiful!!! What a special gift she has. And how lovely of her to do one for you.
    Beijos queridaaaa.

  3. whoa that's awesome. I love it when artists actually write back to you!!