Sunday, February 06, 2011

Felipe Morozini

I found out about Felipe Morozini some months ago. I went to Pinta Art Show, and discovered Zipper Galeria located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Felipe's photography called my attention. He has a certain "voyeuristic" style, and that intrigues me. 

A couple of days ago, since I'm visiting Sao Paulo, my home city, I went to Zipper to see their new exhibition. Talking to the owner, I told him what attracted me in photography, and I love, when women are subjects or themes. He told me he had a picture I would love, and showed me this one below. 

Bico, Photograph by Felipe Morozini (c)

I can't forget this picture. It's as simple as that. Every time I talk about art or photography, this picture comes to my mind.
Obviously, the subject is not looking at her wallet, or herself in the mirror, she is looking back at the voyeur, or so I believe. Felipe was able to capture in perfect timing, a very sexual part of her body, and while the wall covers another one.
I love the colors, the framing, the story behind the picture. And this is for sure, one of my biggest inspirations.
Below, you can find some other of his photographs. 
 Both Photographs above: "Untitled" by Felipe Morozini (c)

Click HERE to see his Flickr.

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