Thursday, February 03, 2011



This is one of the most amazing cameras I've ever seen. It shoots up to 1080p (HD), the lenses are amazing, (you can see them all on their website), and it comes with unbelievable accessories for a very cheap price! 

This camera comes also with a housing, for underwater photography. It takes stills as well as films. It has kind of a "fish-eye", and the only bad thing that i found, which isn't necessarily bad, but could be, is that its only 5 mega pixels. 

If you want, you can buy some adhesives and glue it to your surfboard, use it as a car mount, or put it on a helmet. 
Many people might knoq about it, but I found out about it last night.

The most expensive one, with all included, (helmet, and all), is $300.00. So worth it!

This is the Go Pro Camera.

A photo I found online.

My friend Ale --- Photographed by Henrique Danieletto
in Ilha de Boipeba - BA - Brasil, January, 2011.

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