Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Unstuck in The World

"There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – he realized that he was not his car, he realized that he was not his job, he was not his phone, his desk or his shoes. Like a boat cut from its anchor, he’d begin to drift."
"There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – he took the wind for a map, he took the sky for a clock, and he set off with no destination. He was never lost."

"There once was a man who became unstuck in the world – instead of hooks or a net, he threw himself into the sea. He was never thirsty."

"There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – with a Polaroid camera he made pictures of all the people he met, and then he gave all the pictures away. He would never forget their faces."

"There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – and each person he met became a little less stuck themselves. He traveled only with himself and he was never alone."

"There was once a man who’d become unstuck in the world – and he traveled around like a leaf in the wind until he reached the place where he started out. His car, his job, his phone, his shoes – everything was right where he’d left it. Nothing had changed, and yet he felt excited to have arrived here – as if this were the place he’d been going all along."

Castles in the Sky

... A 16mm film by Taylor Steele...
"A movie about traveling, one step too far"


One of those inspiring surf movies, that make you wanna pack, and leave.. Everything and everyone behind.. Just go, see where destiny will take you. 
It's not only a film about surf, or traveling - but a film about the surfers and the their holy sea, about people, about cultures, and about inspiration.

I had already seen "Sipping Jetstreams", another of Taylor Steele's movies, and I watched it 7 times in the same day. I couldn't believe my eyes. He is capable of making, with no dialogue, no interview, the most beautiful documentaries I've ever seen. Those that make you think, "I wish I had done it". 

This one is no different. Shots of horses with a rainbow, details of elephants, the sun hitting the sea and its reflection, funny personal moments, eyes all around the world.

Let's Surf!

Thank You For Reading.


  1. Good review Ma, you made me wanna see the movie AND surf. Or at least watch someone else surf. Or get high.

    your best friend

  2. Amazing! I typed 'Castles in the sky' into google and managed to come across your blog.. Only seeing your post made back in October which i had just commented on before seeing this post. This is an absolutely beautifully shot film! If you like travel and 'awe inspiring films', I suggest you check out (if you have not yet already seen it) 'Baraka', a non verbal, amazing film that makes you want to explore every inch of this earth.
    anikarichards.blogspot.com :)

  3. i'm watching this movie as i type! great blog :-)

  4. cara que vibe esse blog!! queria trocar uma idéia contigo.. se tiver msn me adiciona aí vininideandrade@hotmail.com ou manda um email!


  6. Bom filme, recomendo!